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What is Crazy Horse Leather?


Crazy Horse leather is renowned for its timeless beauty, exceptional strength, and unmatched durability. Originally used by saddlers for its tough and elegant qualities, this top-quality leather is made from full-grain cowhide, the finest natural leather in the world. A layer of natural wax is carefully applied, buffed, and polished to achieve a rich and smooth finish. As you use the bag, the leather develops a unique character, with bumps and scratches altering its color tones and creating a distinctive multi-hued sheen that showcases the superior quality of natural leather.

Our Umber Backpack proudly displays the rich colors of the cowhide, with each fold and scratch contributing to its ever-changing hues. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Crazy Horse leather is also water-resistant, making spills easy to clean. The oils from your skin add a beautiful gloss to the leather, ensuring these resilient bags will withstand whatever challenges come your way.

Choosing Crazy Horse leather is an investment in both style and functionality. Whether you're embarking on a rugged hike or strolling through the city, this leather surpasses all others in terms of strength, durability, and adaptability. Our meticulous production process begins with the highest quality 100% natural cowhide, which we treat with a special natural wax, resulting in an exceptionally durable material. Its exceptional feature lies in its ability to change color, enhancing the bag's rustic charm. Irregularities inherent in authentic cowhide are further accentuated through the Crazy Horse treatment process, giving rise to a stunning array of rich hues, as exemplified by our Blink Backpack.

Your Crazy Horse leather bag is designed to last for years and take on many adventures. Embrace the patina that develops over time, as wear and tear contribute to the expansion of color variations and enhance the vintage allure of your bag.


Discover the unparalleled beauty of Crazy Horse leather. Crafted from the finest 100% natural cowhide, its exceptional quality shines through. Each bump and scratch adds a rich array of hues, enhancing the bag's allure. The distinctive irregularities found only in genuine leather lend a unique vintage charm to every bag.

All Elwards leather bags are meticulously crafted by highly skilled artisans using only the utmost quality materials. The inherent variations in the 100% genuine cowhide ensure that every bag is one-of-a-kind, just like its owner.


Crazy Horse leather is made from the finest quality 100% natural leather. Skilled craftsmen work with rich full-grain cowhide that undergoes a unique treatment process. To achieve a water-resistant finish, the leather is infused with natural wax and then meticulously buffed. This process produces a leather that is both durable and has a luxurious, buttery-soft feel.

With proper care, your leather bag can last for decades. Its rugged nature develops a unique character over time, as it gains bumps and scratches that add to its vintage charm and multi-toned appearance. Thanks to the exceptional quality of this leather, Crazy Horse bags have an average lifespan of 25 years or more with proper care. They are truly built to withstand the test of time.


When creating Crazy Horse leather, we only use high-quality pure natural wax. Our skilled craftsmen hand-polish and buff each item using only the finest materials to create bags that are as beautiful as they are functional. The wax coating allows for a kind of leather that is resistant to water and weather conditions and durable enough to retain its shape and beauty year after year.

The wax enhances the strength of the bag while giving Crazy Horse leather the unique ability to change shades with impacts and scratches, with the traces of wear subtly altering the color and adding vintage charm to your bag. Remember, Crazy Horse leather has been used for centuries in the making of high-quality saddles, as it alone can maintain its luxurious appearance while enduring the wear and tear typically inflicted on saddles.

Traditional leather bags can break, crack, or stiffen within just a year or two. You can rest assured that with minimal care, your Elwards Leather bag will maintain its strength and style for many years to come.

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