About Elwards

More Than an Accessory - A Lifestyle Statement

The history of our atelier began in 1997 when two brothers, John and Rayan Elwards, made the decision to establish their small family-owned workshop for making leather goods.

Their passion for the craft started long before that, as they worked together for over 20 years as private craftsmen in prestigious workshops in southern England in the early 80s.

Our goal was to create a non-mass-produced premium quality product that would look expensive, enhance inner charisma, and help our customers express themselves.

The heritage and years of experience working with leather paid off and allowed them to create one of the most unique private workshops, where each product has its own uniqueness and is handmade, as well as having a stylish silhouette and high functionality.

Our products are distinguished by the highest quality, and our items are made from selected full-grain cowhide leather. We specialize in men's bags and accessories, which are produced in limited batches and quantities. Our atelier is not just a job: it is our creativity and a way of self-expression. Each of our products is an expression of our vision of style and functionality, inspired by the Wild West.

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We create vintage, custom items that are timeless and unaffected by the fickleness of fashion. They only get better with time. The quality of our work and the durability of our products allow us to be confident that anyone who experiences our product, even once, will become our loyal customer forever.

We take pride in our family workshop and thank you for choosing us. When you purchase items from Elwards Leather, you become a part of our family's history, our values, and traditions, which we proudly pass down from generation to generation.